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Natalie Russell

Firstly I want you to know that there are not many situations that you could bring to me that I have not experienced myself or supported someone else through, and if it wasn’t true it would actually be quite comical, so there is nothing you could say or share that could ever shock me or leave me dumbfounded.

I am as human as the rest of us and still have my challenges and don’t ever profess to have it all together, I just know a thing or two about overcoming a tonne of crap.

One of the biggest area’s in my life I have had to heal is the relationship with myself.  My cripplingly low self-esteem and doubt led to unhealthy/toxic relationships that further fed my belief that I was never going to be enough.  I am very open about my experiences and will always draw on them when working with you. Things are going to get real and vulnerable so I wont expect you to stand naked (in the proverbial sense obviously) on your own.

With everything I have experienced I can say beyond doubt that I would not be who I am today without these experiences (as cringingly cliché as that sounds). I have come to know for sure that a large part of my suffering was down to my perception and thoughts. I have had many years in the field of helping people break free from issues that hold them back and have studied just as much. I truly believe that with my support, as long as you are prepared to apply what you learn, that you can experience the same level of freedom.


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