I chose to have sessions with Natalie to improve my self esteem and insecurity issues, as well as helping to organise my time to work on myself, relationships and business etc. I am so impressed with how Natalie gets me to look at things differently and she always lifts my mood and spirits whenever I speak to her. I have chosen to continue to see Natalie twice a month as I get so much out of the sessions that I didn't want to stop. Natalie makes me feel totally at ease and comfortable throughout the sessions, to be completely honest with her and myself, it's like talking to a great friend who I have complete trust in and have built such a good rapport with. No matter how big or small the issue is that I want to discuss, I know that Natalie has a keen interest to listen and not pass judgement. I thoroughly recommend if anyone is thinking about having coaching sessions then Natalie is the best coach you could ask for.


I came to Natalie when I had tried all the self-help books and all sorts of therapy and was still repeating the same mistakes. I want to change and I wanted to understand why I was self-sabotaging. Throughout coaching I begun to understand my own behaviour and took practical steps to alter it. When I slipped up we could review why and each time became a learning curve for me until I stopped repeating bad patterns. I became to understand myself and inner child more and was able to be compassionate and loving to myself for the first time in what seemed like a longtime. I shared stories and emotions with Natalie I normally wouldnt feel comfortable doing and I felt so supported. I wouldnt be where I am now without the support of Natalie. Alongside coaching Natalie has groups, courses and resources that I accessed as much as I could and were so helpful!


I worked with Natalie for just over 3 months and cannot thank her enough for how much working with her has changed my life. When I first met Natalie I felt very lost and unhappy, I’d spent years of my life people pleasing, I was in an unhealthy, unhappy relationship, I was suffering with anxiety and was feeling so overwhelmed with everyday life. Natalie helped me work through all of this and showed me ways of coping and dealing with it all. She has changed my life completely. Working with Natalie was the best decision and investment I have ever made. She is so lovely to talk too, never judged me and always made me feel comfortable.
I will always be grateful for all her support and kindness during our time working together.


Natalie has been amazing with me she was so easy to talk to and always put me at ease when doing so. I felt so comfortable talking about my thoughts and struggles and never felt judged about it once. Natalie has shown me techniques that I will use for a life time and I’ve already started applying them to my everyday life. They're helping me process my thoughts and have a more mindful positive mind set. I’m so glad I took the decision to talk to Natalie as she’s helped me and made such a massive difference in my life in such a small space of time.


Asking Nat to be my coach was one of the best decisions I have made in a really long time.

About a year ago I took a massive decision to leave my high flying career job but I still felt completely stuck and unfulfilled in my life.

After completing a course of counselling I had become aware of my “mind demons” but I had no control over them. When they were present they ALWAYS won the battle telling me how worthless and unloveable I was. Telling me that I have to be better and that I should achieve more. Somehow it was worse being aware of them than before I ever noticed them. I constantly felt as though I was doing something wrong and was very very angry. I didn’t like myself at all.

All that has changed. I’ve worked out who I am and what I want from my life. I’ve found a job that is fulfilling and I feel truly happy for the first time in as long as I can remember. I have more compassion for others as well as myself and have started taking much more care of myself both mentally and physically.

Nat got me digging deep and facing some very uncomfortable thoughts and set me uncomfortable challenges but it really works. I can honestly say that I genuinely like myself now - there is still work to do before I can say “love” but this is a very good start. Nothing changed except my thoughts.

Nat has overcome so much herself and is so inspirational that you can’t help but learn and grow when you’re with her. The only thing you’ll regret is not starting sooner.


I found every session helpful. I gained so much awareness of my emotions and triggers, which I wasn’t even aware I had.
My mindset has completely changed and I am able to recognise my triggers and use the resources given to me. I don’t always put them into practice but my awareness is there. I really enjoyed the sessions.
Working with Natalie for 6 weeks helped me gain a different perspective on myself. I now have a complete different mindset and have a lot of awareness around my emotions. Natalie made me feel so comfortable to talk to and i felt was able to relate to me I’m so many ways that no one ever has before.
I am so grateful for the work you’re doing and that I came across your video on Facebook.


Natalie is an amazing coach, super supportive, understanding and encouraging. Even from our discovery call Nat made me feel seen and understood when it came to my anxieties and insecurities.
The coaching sessions gave me the tools to bring positive beliefs into my life which has helped me feel more confident and comfortable in trusting that life will unfold how it should do, rather than trying to control every aspect of it. I no longer feel stuck in a rut and fearful of what might happen, I speak to myself in a more kind way. Entering a new relationship surfaced some anxiety and insecurities but speaking with Nat, working on it and knowing that it’s normal has really helped me ❤️


Natalie has a natural ability to make the space feel calm, comfortable and safe from the very first session. I quickly felt at ease and understood - it took me a few sessions to open up, but Natalie was patient and knew exactly what to say and do to build my confidence. Her honesty and non-judgmental approach mixed with the tools and resources she gives has helped me to work though things in a way that I understand and believe in. Natalie is open and relatable which makes the whole process a lot less daunting! My thought processes have changed completely; I am able to look at things with more clarity, understanding and compassion. The biggest change is that I am now able to actually trust myself and say that I AM ENOUGH JUST AS I AM and feel comfortable in doing so - I wouldn’t have been able to confidently say that before.
I am more confident in not only myself, but in my ability to manage each day…even the crappy ones are a little easier to get through! I have my little book of tools. I continue to use and apply each day what Natalie has taught me; it’s invaluable! I couldn’t recommend her enough.


Natalie is like a guardian angel who has helped me grow as a person, fight self hatred and believe in myself. I feel so much better about life after having sessions with her. Everyone should see her.


I came to Natalie with an issue that I thought she might think was comparatively unimportant. However from the moment we started talking I felt that she really understood why I wanted to change this area in my life and took it seriously. Her friendly, professional manner put me at ease straight away. Natalie is an excellent listener and really gets to the heart of the problem. Not only did she help me work through actions and strategies but she also helped me to gain an insight to understand the issues behind the behaviour that I felt was stopping me from living my life to the full.

Natalie has the ability to build confidence when needed, to reaffirm my beliefs and values, whilst gently challenging negative thoughts and behaviour. Her empathy, honesty and down to earth nature, along with her great knowledge of human habits and behaviours, made me feel that I was in good hands and I have been able to work through some of the key areas in my life. I would highly recommend Natalie to anyone who has anything in their life that is stopping them living to the full - however big or small!


I saw Natalie because I was going through a really emotionally challenging time and was finding it hard to see or think clearly about it. She is so warm with huge empathy and, although I thought I sounded like a gibbering idiot, she totally got where I was coming from, and calmly and gently guided me through, giving me some tools and actions to successfully get through it. Could not recommend her more highly if you need help and want someone you can trust


Natalie has helped me massively change my life around.
When I look back at the person I was 7/8 years ago… how depressed and insecure I was, the eating disorders I had, and the way I saw myself, I can now see how unhealthy it was for my mind and body.

Natalie helped me to learn to love myself, to build my confidence and to come off antidepressants.

She helped me learn to work on myself and be a better person.
Even now I still benefit from our sessions together, I’ve recommended her to all my friends and I thank God for bringing her into my life.

Thank you Natalie for working with me, being patient with me and helping me to get to where I am today.


Natalie’s life coaching has brought about a pivotal change in my life; with her non-judgemental, empathic and extremely compassionate approach on how she works with and views my negative thought processes, I have been able to allow her challenges to really seep in deep around the way I view myself and the world around me. Many people that know me have tried to help me but because I have always felt judged, misunderstood and full of fear, I have never really been able to let anyone in fully.

Natalie has always spoken truth over me, which has enabled me to feel confident enough to speak truth back to her and through that a foundation has been built. I still have a long way to go but I do feel I am heading the right direction and I know it has been because of Natalie’s influence and teaching.

Natalie has a way of bringing out the darkness and replacing it with a beautiful light. If you are in need of a life coach or just need some direction, I would highly recommend Natalie. I think if I could have Natalie living in my head at all times, I wouldn’t have any problems. Haha!



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